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Will the Halo work on my hard hat?

The Halo is designed to work on the majority of hard hats sold today. The following is a list of the hard hat makes and models that we have confirmed work with the Halos. We are continually adding to this list. If the hard hat you use is not listed, it will still likely work. If ever in doubt, please contact us at and we will confirm.

Make        Models
MSA V-Gard Cap, Full Brim, 500 Vented; TopGard Cap, Full Brim; Skullgard Cap, Full Brim, Smooth Dome
Bullard Classic Series Cap, Full Brim; Standard Series Cap, Vented, Full Brim
Fibre Metal E1, E2; P2 Cap
North Peak A79, A69; K2 A29; Matterhorn A89; Summit A99
Jackson Block Head Full  Brim; Sentry III Cap; Safety Charger
Dynamic HP221, 241, 261, 341, 542, 741 Cap; HP 641, 642 Full Brim
ERB Americana; OMEGA, OMEGA II, Liberty
3M XLR8 Cap, Full Brim; H-700 Series Cap, H-800 Series
PIP Evolution 6100 Series Caps, Full Brims
ProChoice  HHV6; HH6; PHHV6
Cordova H24 Series Caps; H34 Series Full Brims
Skull Bucket Full Brim, Regular Cap
Unisafe HC570 Vented; HC560 Unvented
Condor Cap Style
Centurion Concept Safety Helmet
Pyramex Ridgeline

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