Return & Exchange Policy

We at ILUMAGEAR want you to love our products. We stand behind our products – and as our customer, your satisfaction is our #1 priority. That’s why we offer a One Year Limited Warranty on our products – so you can be confident that our products will perform as promised, when and where you need them.

Our return policy is simple and straightforward. In order to return a product, you will need to present a receipt or purchase order reflecting your purchase, so be sure to keep your receipt. You can return your product during the following periods for the following reasons:

  1. Within ninety (90) days of purchasing the product, you can return it for any reason, as long as it is in its original box, unopened and unused. Merchandise that has been altered, etched, used, marked or is otherwise not in mint condition will not be accepted for return or exchange. All such product returns are subject to inspection before refund or exchange. Keep in mind that this right of return or exchange is subject to the policies of the distributor or seller that sold the ILLUMAGEAR product to you – if that distributor or seller has a return policy that provides for a shorter return window, you will be subject to that shorter time frame, and may need to return the product sooner than 90 days in order to get a refund or exchange. We do not accept returns of used or opened merchandise that is not covered by the product warranty.
  2. If during the product warranty period your product stops working properly for the reasons permitted in the warranty, please contact

Also, be sure to read the ILLUMAGEAR product warranty carefully – if you replace parts on your product with parts that are not ILLUMAGEAR-certified, alter or modify your product, or take other actions prohibited by the warranty, you will void the warranty, and you will not be able to return or exchange your product. The terms of the product warranty govern this return policy.

We do not accept returns of used or opened merchandise that is not covered by the product warranty. It is at the sole discretion of ILLUMAGEAR whether or not to accept returns for unopened product beyond 90 days of purchase. When accepted, a 25% restocking fee will be applied.

In the event that you must mail or ship your product back to the distributor or seller in order to return or exchange it, you may be solely responsible for all shipping and handling charges related to the return and exchange.