Touchstone Energy's 2018 NET Conference

February 13, 2018 | illumagear Author | Events
Touchstone Energy's 2018 NET Conference

Last week, we showed the Halo to the audience at Touchstone Energy's 2018 NET Conference. Of the 900+ utility co-ops in the US, Touchstone Energy has around 750 in their membership base.

ILLUMAGEAR CEO Max Baker represented the company at this event and had this to say about it:

I was not able to attend all of the speaking sessions, but interesting session topics included hacking innovation, the aging utility grid, electric vehicles, renewable energy, effective use of data as a resource, and smart grid technology. The speaking sessions and panel discussions were geared towards an industry audience that is staring down the barrel of seismic industry change due to an aging and understaffed workforce, deteriorating assets, and new technologies that fundamentally change how the industry's business model operates. While many people would be daunted by the need for sweeping changes, the Touchstone members were enthusiastic about tackling the industry's challenges. 

We are excited to announce that throughout ‘18 we will now be working with quite a few Touchstone Co-Op members to test and deploy the Halo system.