Walking the Floor at A+A Safety

October 24, 2017 | illumagear Author | Events
Walking the Floor at A+A Safety

Last week, we visited A+A International, the largest trade show in the world for professionals focused on safety, security, and health at work. This was unlike any safety show we've been to in the United States. There were over 65,000 attendees and 1,900 exhibitors.

At ILLUMAGEAR, we've been talking for years about Personal Active Safety Systems (PASS)™. Such systems actively alert the wearer or those around him or her of a potentially hazardous situation. Examples include alerting an individual of an imminent danger to their person, notifying a supervisor that someone has possibly fallen on the job, signaling a vehicle operator of an individual in a blind spot, or delineating to civilian traffic the personnel in an approaching work zone. The Halo, for example, is a PASS product that provides a visual alert that a worker is present.

It was evident at the A+A Show that Personal Active Safety Systems have "arrived." They were being demoed by 3M and Honeywell, among others. Both companies showcased "connected safety" devices that use RFID tags placed on various PPE products to report individual worker data such as heart rate or hazard exposure back to a central dashboard.

We were happy to see the integration of more advanced technologies in PPE and are looking forward to seeing the safety advancements - and showcasing our advanced products - at the next A+A in 2019.


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