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How much light does The Halo Light produce? Does The Halo Light meet OSHA's requirements for work area lighting?

OSHA standard 1926.56 refers to work area illumination. For area lighting, OSHA requires 5 foot-candle for general construction area lighting, 10 foot-candle for construction plants and shops, and 30 foot-candle for first-aid stations and infirmaries. OSHA doesn't presently provide any specific requirements for individual lighting.

On Halo mode, The Halo Light produces 39.7 candela. On Task mode it produces 77 candela. On Halo mode, The Halo Light produces 202 lumens in 360 degrees. On Task mode, The Halo Light produces 183 lumens, but the light is focused to the front so the foot-candles is more than doubled.

Every job site is different, however. ILLUMAGEAR does not suggest that The Halo Light is the singular answer to overall jobsite area lighting. The Halo Light is not designed to be a replacement for area lighting. It is intended to be a personal active safety system that makes the wearer much more visible to others while also providing a superior personal work area light.


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