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Is The Halo Light ANSI and/or OSHA approved?

The Halo Light is a Personal Active Safety System™. ANSI A10.47 describes Personal Active Safety Systems as a source of illumination that can be used to enhance worker visibility (Section 14.2, “Illumination Levels”). The standard also states that personal active safety devices are a method of providing additional protection for flaggers (Section 5.2.2, “Flagger Safety”).

The Halo Light was specifically designed to not invalidate the ANSI rating of a hard hat. ANSI Z89.1 states that nothing may pierce or permanently affix to the hard hat. Our unique patented tension spring mounting system was designed to hold onto the hard hat without invalidating this rating.

The Halo Light has been tested by an independent NRTL (nationally recognized test lab) to verify that it passes the performance requirements necessary for Class E (Electrical) Hard Hats to meet the standards set by ANSI/ISEA Z89.1, Sections 9.1 ("Flammability"), 9.2 ("Force Transmission"), 9.3 ("Apex Penetration"), and 9.7 (“Electrical Insulation”).

Regarding OSHA, there is no current code that defines lighting requirements in the manner delivered by The Halo Light. According to OSHA standard 1926.56, there are minimum illumination intensities in foot-candles for US job sites. The light emitted by The Halo Light exceeds all minimum requirements as defined by OSHA for any type of construction work. The illumination technical specifications for The Halo Light may be found here.


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