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Is The Halo Light compliant with Flame Resistance ratings for arc flash?

Since The Halo Light is mounted on a hard hat, that hard hat needs to meet ANSI standard Z89.1 Per ANSI guideline 1910.269(I)(8)(v)(C): "Arc-rated protection is not necessary for the employee's head when the employee is wearing head protection meeting 1910.135 if the estimated incident energy is less than 9 cal/cm2 for exposures involving single-phase arcs in open air or 5 cal/cm2 for other exposures.” Guideline 1910.135 refers directly to ANSI Z89.1

The Halo Light has been tested by an independent NRTL (nationally recognized test lab) to verify that it passes the performance requirements necessary for Class E (Electrical) Hard Hats to meet the standards set by ANSI/ISEA Z89.1, Sections 9.1 ("Flammability"), 9.2 ("Force Transmission"), 9.3 ("Apex Penetration"), and 9.7 (“Electrical Insulation”). As such, The Halo Light is compliant with arc flash requirements when attached to an ANSI Z89.1 rated hard hat.

The dielectric strength of The Halo Light/Battery system is 9000V so it should not be used in environments with higher voltage hazards.


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