RQ Construction - DoD Naval Amphibious Base Coronado

Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, USA

Fewer Change Orders, Increased Worker Visibility at DoD Facility Construction

Better LED headlamp


RQ Construction renovated three barracks at Naval Amphibious Base Coronado. The work includes repair and repainting of wall and ceiling finishes, replacement of floor finishes, restroom casework, windows, wall-mounted packaged terminal air conditioning units, bathroom fixtures, oil stabilization, seismic upgrades and structural repairs.


This project is primarily smaller commercial building structures. The most common use for personal and mobile lighting is work inside of the buildings while under construction. There are also low light environments outside and around the buildings. The safety team at RQ recognized a real need for a bright LED headlamp like The Halo Light.

Halo light headlamps

How The Halo Light Was Used:

Workers used The Halo Light LED headlamps while doing everything from carpentry, to tile work, to dry wall taping. These headlamps provided a personal, hard hat light solution that increased task lighting compared to the camping lights and task lights normally used.


RQ Construction benefited from fewer change orders, a safer work area, and increased worker visibility. Workers using The Halo Light LED headlamp were able to see hazards all around them and had far better ability to control the quality of their workmanship, resulting in less rework. The ability to get above ceilings and see well in enclosed or confined spaces, to control precision work, and to perform and inspect work without fumbling with a low output light enhanced the safety and quality of their jobsite. Many tradespeople who had the opportunity to try the system while on site now want one for themselves saying it was the best headlamp they had used.

PHOTO DESCRIPTIONS: Top: Electrician uses Task mode high up in the duct work. Bottom: Interior rough-in with mechanical, electrical, and plumbing on military housing.

Client Quote

The tradesmen who have seen The Halo Light work all want one – it appears that the practical applications are somewhat endless!

- Don, Senior Vice President & Chief Safety Officer