Hubbard Construction

East Colonial Highway Widening, Florida, USA

Hubbard Feels Worker Safety Improves 100% with the Halo

Rex Roberts, EH&S Manager and Steve Lanza, Paving Superintendent, describe the work being conducted by Hubbard and Orlando Paving on the East Colonial Highway Prince project in Florida. They detail the hazards they face every day including lack of visibility, civilian traffic, and paving equipment, and the benefits they have experienced since deploying the Halo light from ILLUMAGEAR, including decreasing their accident potential.

In survey results, Hubbard employees felt their visibility increased from 5.7 to 9.1 on a 10-point scale while using the Halo light. 

The Halo has become mandatory on this project and Rex Roberts feels they have improved their safety 100%.

Client Quote

We have had equipment operators make statements that the workers on foot are a lot easier to see now.

- Rex Roberts, EHS Manager, Hubbard Construction