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Newfoundland, Canada

Portability of the Halo an Advantage at North Atlantic Offshore Oil Project

Portable light gbs


Heavy oil fields are located more than 300 kilometers offshore Newfoundland, southeast of St. John's. The water depth is over 90 meters. Overall execution for the project included gravity-based structure (GBS) construction, utilities process module (UPM) transfer to topsides integration pier via heavy lift vessel, deep-water site GBS tow-out, and offshore installation. This project includes slip-form pours. Slip form construction is similar to most commercial building construction, but once the operation is completed and/or the roof is added, it creates a sealed environment. At the end of the project, you have a structure the size of a tall building floating in the open ocean that will withstand an Atlantic storm.


Due to the methods employed in slip-form construction, workers are regularly operating in new low-light, hazardous situations. During construction it can be difficult to light up certain areas as the forms increase in height. Floors may also have sealed rooms or compartments that are difficult to light. Portable lighting is key but, most often, the lighting solutions are task lights and temporary lighting. The Safety Director is doing everything he can to illuminate both the work area and his personnel. Workers are currently limited by cables and task lighting solutions for most of the workspaces outside the main pour zone.

How The Halo Light Was Used:

Field carpenters and laborers used The Halo Light portable LED lights while they were doing their work on the project, including the slip-form pours. The Halo Light was able to provide easy-to-use, ample, mobile, durable hard hat lighting in these difficult lighting environments.


The workers and Safety Director loved the abundant, portable light provided by our LED hard hat light, The Halo Light. After completing the trial, the Safety Director ordered more units for when they ramp back up in mid-2014.

PHOTO DESCRIPTION: Top: Construction completed, the structure is towed out to sea. Bottom: Gravity-based structure fully operational. (Note: these photos are examples of gravity-based structures but are not associated with this project)

Client Quote

The workers and Safety Director loved the abundant, portable light provided by our LED hard hat light, The Halo Light.