Odebrecht - State Road 836 Interchange project

Miami, FL, USA

The Halo to Become Part of Odebrecht's Safety Protocol After Successful Deployment

Odebrecht Halo hardhat light


The State Road (SR) 836 Interchange project is a design-build project for the Miami-Dade Expressway Authority (MDX). SR 836 is one of the primary routes into and out of downtown Miami. The Odebrecht USA-managed project includes the addition of continuous eastbound and westbound lanes, a collector-distributor road, and extensive infrastructure modifications.


Odebrecht estimates that 200,000 vehicles per day travel within the project limits. Work is done every night and may involve the closure of freeway lanes, streets, major intersections, and on-ramps. Civilian traffic speeds by the project, sometimes uncomfortably close to workers, with the majority of cars traveling in excess of 60 mph. Equipment operates within the project and 20-30 trucks move in and out of the work zone, doing constant turn-arounds all night long. Although Odebrecht uses all required temporary lighting and light towers, there are still many zones of darkness that can make it difficult to identify workers on foot among the many moving parts.

Odebrecht Halo hardhat light

How The Halo Light Was Used:

Workers at the Odebrecht project use The Halo Light as PPE when performing a variety of tasks. Flaggers wear it while working on live roadways, directing traffic around shut down intersections. The unique 360 degree illumination provided by the Halo Light helps signal that a flagger is present and drivers need to be alert. 

Members of the project’s Maintenance of Traffic (MOT) team, who reroute traffic for any street or freeway closures, must regularly get in and out of vehicles to load and unload cones and signaling devices. Because their work places them particularly close to moving traffic, it is imperative that they are seen, and they rely on the Halo Light for assistance. 

Within the work zone, spotters on foot use the Halo Light when directing moving equipment. The light from the Halo makes it easier for equipment operators to see their spotters and reduces the likelihood that a spotter will rely on the truck’s brake lights to illuminate their hand signals.


Odebrecht found the additional lighting provided by the Halo Light made their employees feel safer. Workers wearing the Halo Light drew more attention from passing drivers’ while also making operators and truck drivers more aware of crew on foot within the work zone. After an initial trial of 4 units, the Halo Light was so well-received that it spread to all of their road projects. Odebrecht USA is now in the process of making the Halo Light a part of the standard safety protocol for all transportation projects.

Odebrecht Halo hardhat light

PHOTO DESCRIPTIONS: Top: MOT member uses the Halo Light while placing traffic cones. Middle: Conversation between members of the Odebrecht crew. Bottom: Spotter directs vehicles approaching the work zone.

Client Quote

The Halo Light provides our workers with a level of assurance that the traveling public can clearly see them, even in adverse weather conditions and low-light environments.

- Dwayne, Senior EH&S Manager, Transportation Sector