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Wireless Tower Workers See Work Area Better

Electrical safety hard hat light


This construction company is in charge of one of the largest networks of First Responder Radio Communication systems in North America. They provide site acquisition, engineering, construction, tower installation and inside plant services. This network will serve as a critical link for the province's first responders. The company's wireless communications team is built of industry experts who are committed to delivering projects to their customers with a committed focus on safety and quality.


The job of building and maintaining the wireless communication towers is a hard one, and there are a lot of low light situations and electrical safety concerns on and around the towers. The towers are typically in remote locations and have no permanent lighting. Often the work is at night or early morning. Workers typically only have a camping headlamp on their hard hat or their vehicle's lighting system to aid them. Personnel regularly have inadequate light to see their work area and this creates real problems. The telecomm group had been searching for a better rechargeable hard hat lighting solution for field personnel for over two years.

Electrical safety

How The Halo Light Was Used:

It was used by personnel working on the poles, on and around the streets, and while underneath trailers. The Halo Light illuminated the wearers to others while also providing enough light for them to see their surroundings.


Workers were able to see without electrical safety issues as they climbed poles and upgraded the electrical equipment. The field test has gone so well that the company has asked to extend the trial due to the overwhelming response in the field. Based on the success of this initial field trial deployment, The Halo Light followed with a second stage with more units to fully test out the system on a larger scale.

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PHOTO DESCRIPTIONS: Top: The Halo Light supplemented other electrical safety products, making it easier for workers to see potential hazards. Middle: Maintenance and building of communication towers requires the contractor to think about electrical safety. Bottom: Due to the towers’ height and electricity, safety was a primary concern.

Client Quote

Overall The Halo Light is a great tool. I was able to see perfectly clear and had no issues in the dark climbing the pole. On a scale from 1-to-10, I would give it a 10.

- Roberto, Service Technician